Demetri Martin, a last minute Mitch Hedberg replacement.

February 10, 2007 at 11:45 pm (Stand-up Specials)

Demetri Martin has a creatively dry as well as somewhat childish and linear comedic style and personality. He runs an extended amount of jokes and brings them out one after another. He’s personally one of my favorite comedians which is why I’m going to be running the first blog post about him. Martin’s new and only comedy special is split up into 3 different styles: a routine of classic stand-up, a series of doodle pictures, and a mixture of the two with the accompaniment of his own musical talents. During his special he has a few short bits of cartoons and an interpretive play about where his jokes go.

Martin’s method of unleashing massive amounts of short, offbeat jokes that consistently jump from one to another lacks flow and continuity, but he manages to balance it out by remaining unconventional and unexpected. Overall, his imaginative wit is what keeps his audience in tune.

Demetri Martin. Person hosted by Dailymotion.



  1. rammfan518 said,

    Yea, Demetri Martin is hilarious. His one-liners are great. “I think it’s funny how cologne ryhmes with ‘alone'” He is very creative with his doodles and music which makes him unique. Mitch Hedberg is sadly missed. 😦 Good articles man.

  2. saintchristopher said,

    I’ve been a big fan of Demetri since I saw him on Comedy Central Presents a couple years back. His short, joke-to-joke style is indeed reminiscent of the late great Hedberg, but differs mostly in the delivery. Mitch presented his jokes in a spacey, stream-of-consciousness fashion, whereas Martin seems more organized, with a very “keep it simple” kind of attitude. His whimsical creativity (“Where my jokes go” and “Where my jokes come from” were cute bits that featured members of his family) and easygoing rapport with his audience make him a huge personal favorite.

  3. Rudolf said,

    This guy is kickass. And his Clearification episodes were awesome. They reminded me of the Life Aquatic (a good thing I think).

  4. Erik said,

    Thanks for adding. I did not want to like this guy as he is younger than I and from NJ like i (he is beating me!)- but it is obvious that he is very good and does his homework.

    I was worried about this blog because of the title (i really like/liked Mitch Hedberg). (too bad he died in NJ). -but i see what you mean (in a good way).

  5. alex said,

    mitch hedberg wasn’t the first ever one-liner comedian…him and demetri martin have very different styles

  6. zak said,

    i have to disagree , i do not like this guy at all. i get the jokes but they dont make me laugh . I think its because he isnt funny , he just tells funny. mitch had both a comic delivery as well as content.

  7. bob said,

    I get an actual rash from his cutesy, smarmy delivery alone.
    It’s Steven Wright rehashed, and he admits it….

    It’s the kind of stuff that old white guys will give money to produce.
    Mitch Hedberg is light years funnier.

  8. al said,

    he’s the kind of comic that, upon hearing a joke, i don’t laugh and say, ‘that’s a good joke’. he has that seinfeldian work ethic and beatles haircut that has been good for his career. good writer but too deadpan for me.

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