Brian Regan, fun for the whole family.

February 12, 2007 at 8:15 pm (Comedy Central Presents)

It’s obvious why so many people love this guy. He has a very clean, observational sense of humor which may sometimes be self-deprecating. Regan will abstain from any off-color jokes, sexual references, or vulgar language. Even with his family-oriented humor, his visual representations and facial expressions are a tremendous aid in keeping the audience in stitches.

Just like Gaffigan, Regan loves to talk a lot about food and overeating. He doesn’t need to rely on dropping F-bombs to get his crowd cheering and laughing. Instead, he counter-acts this crutch with an intelligent outlook on common daily tasks that all of us interact with constantly.

Comedy Central Presents Brian Regan hosted by Dailymotion.



  1. linusmann said,

    Great site! Keep it up.

    Brian Regan was on Opie and Anthony recently and was hilarious. He knows that he made it because someone did a dead-on impersonation of him on their show. It’s great to watch him because he can make ordering a cheeseburger sound funny. It’s all in his tone of voice. I didn’t even notice he was a “clean” act.

  2. rjlight said,

    He was great — his expressions remind me of Jim Carrey.

  3. Echo said,

    Woot! Long-time favorite of mine. Good call 🙂

  4. zak said,

    yep ,he is great

  5. Mitch Hedberg Owns said,

    I can’t believe anyone ever compaired Dane Cook to Brian Regan….

    It’s funny because Regan is funny to DC fans, while still being funny to the true comedy fans.

    But Dane Cook just sticks to the 14 year old girl crowd.

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