Jim Gaffigan, a giant recessive gene.

February 12, 2007 at 11:24 am (Stand-up Specials)

Inarguably one of the most popular, or maybe just commercialized, comedians of the decade. The comedian and actor is currently touring around the U.S. for his most recent stand-up special, Beyond the Pale. His unique inner-voice keeps him a stride forward of most other common somewhat-observational comics. You can often hear this middle-aged sounding woman from the audience through the mouth of Gaffigan. This inner-voice is actually the possible reaction that a hypothetical, conservative audience member may be experiencing from viewing Gaffigan’s performance.

In Beyond the Pale, his frequent topic of discussion is common vices of everyday people, such as unhealthy overeating and alcohol. He’s renowned for his hit topic on Hot Pockets but he tries to refrain from it ever turning him into a single-slogan comedian like Larry the Cable Guy.

Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale parts 1 – 7 hosted by Youtube.com.



  1. leslie r said,

    I absolutely love Jim Gaffigan. I love the voice he does of the woman who just doesn’t get his jokes. It makes everything so much funnier. And there is nothing funnier than “hot pocket” sung in that falsetto

  2. saintchristopher said,

    Jim is very funny, and I’m glad to know that he doesn’t want one popular bit to carry his whole career unlike some comics. His falsetto woman’s voice grows somewhat tiresome as his set goes on, but people seem to like it.

  3. Brent said,

    Gaffigan is great! I especially love Pale Force.

  4. mushroom0806 said,


    u dont know comedy

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