Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade.

February 13, 2007 at 8:23 am (Stand-up Specials)

Dane Cook is easily one of the biggest comedians of our current time. In his newest stand up, Vicious Circle, it’s not hard to tell how large of a fan-base he has with a crowd practically the size of the Dodger’s Stadium. Yet watching him run around on stage, flailing his arms in the air to get his joke across to the 36,000 fans who saw him perform that night, is nothing short than a dull, humorless bore.

But just because he has such a great amount of enthusiasts doesn’t necessarily mean he’s actually funny. It also doesn’t mean he’s popular amongst the comedian’s own “inner-circle.” He has been accused of stealing material on more than one occasion and is looked at by other comics as a pompous thief who lacks any actual material.

Dane Cook is nothing but eye candy. He pulls in his crowds with vivid actions, loud and obnoxious slapstick behavior, smooth talking, and good looks. I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of his fans were unsavvy females. He is prone to consistently repeating himself and etching out into different directions with his erratic sense of comedy. Cook is nothing more than overrated and in his case he can walk the walk but he just simply can’t talk the talk.

Dane Cook doesn’t sell his jokes. Hell, he doesn’t even have jokes. He’s simply selling his edgy boy band-esque image.

Dane Cook’s Vicious Circle hosted by Dailymotion.



  1. Jennie said,

    Bitter much?

  2. raffie said,

    I fully agree. I thought I was the only one who thought this guy was completely unfunny. Horrible.

  3. Sam said,

    This whole post sounds so juvenile. Because Dane Cook doesn’t fit what other people think makes a good comedian he sucks? Because he’s not a comedian’s comedian? He’s not trying to appeal to other comedians. He’s appealing to all the hordes of people flocking to hear him, while other comedians bitch about how he sucks. Surely, the litmus test of a good comedian is whether he draws a crowd and makes them laugh. You may think your grandma’s vase is worth hundreds of dollars, but if you put it on ebay and only get thirty bucks for it, then really that’s what it’s worth. Free market, baby.

  4. Dave said,

    Smells like sour grapes to me… best selling comedy album of all time… cause that has a lot to do with looks. Whatever he is doing, however he is doing it… he’s getting the laughs. Who gives a shit what the ‘inner circle’ thinks. Funny is what ever the general populous thinks… i think whoever posted this article has a secret boy crush on ol’ Dane and its coming out in anger…perhaps Dane spurned his advances. Poor guy.

  5. Mike Nice said,

    ehhh… I’ve seen him perform late night, unannounced, at the Hollywood Improv. No slapstick. No flailing. Just funny. He is a funny guy, who made good. Who cares how he did it, he did it. He has fans. Big deal. Move on with your life.

  6. McBastard said,

    You are an awful blogger. This is some of the worst writing I have ever seen. Buy a paper, read the entertainment reviews section over again please. You make vague claims with no supporting evidence, ie. “He has been accused of stealing material on more than one occasion and is looked at by other comics as a pompous thief who lacks any actual material.” Just who made these accusations? Any examples of a stolen joke? You make gross generalities with no reasoning behind them, like here, “I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of his fans were unsavvy females.” And in one instance you describe the same behavior here as with another comic but offer two different conclusions. Of Cook you said “He is prone to consistently repeating himself and etching out into different directions with his erratic sense of comedy.” and of Martin you said “Martin’s method of unleashing massive amounts of short, offbeat jokes that consistently jump from one to another lacks flow and continuity, but he manages to balance it out by remaining unconventional and unexpected.” Maybe it isn’t the direction of the jokes you don’t like. Maybe it’s just the jokes.
    Basically you are a horrible writer with no consistent thought process to your writing. People read critics because they are consistent in their writing skill and opinions, and once readers get to know a critics tastes it’s easier to find where your own tastes lie in relation.
    When you write things like “watching him run around on stage, flailing his arms in the air to get his joke across ” and Dane Cook doesn’t sell his jokes. Hell, he doesn’t even have jokes.” you are the one that looks like an idiot.
    This isn’t about defending Mr. Cook, as he has enough money to defend himself, this is about the fact that if you are going to review or critique something you had better know how to do it.
    In fact, print this out and tape it above your computer, you can use it as a template if you like.
    Good luck in the future.

  7. wyclefdoug said,

    There’s plent of people better looking then Dane Cook. To attribute his success being good looking soley is kind of stupid. You don’t fill up Dodger Stadium just be looking good and being obnoxious. Just say you don’t appreciate his style of comedy. You can’t be overrated when you’re selling out stadiums.

  8. panchotheday said,

    Dana Cook is Robin Williams 2.0. A baffoon impersonating a comedian. The audience is laughing because people around them are laughing.

    Dana, you’ve got about 4 minutes left.

  9. Danielle said,

    Nothing could be more true. I despise him and his underserved fame, but then again, the American people continually demonstrate unrestrained poor taste. So it’s a shame, but it’s no wonder.

  10. woodenturkey said,

    No shit, I never understood WTF people thought was so funny about him.

  11. John G said,

    Thank you!! I thought i was the only one who thought he was a sack of shit…

  12. Stephan said,

    Seems to work for him though.

  13. Pete said,

    The biggest douche in “comedy”. He also steals his routines. Google “dane cook steals material”.

  14. Bill said,

    I wondered if it was just me. Actually, no I didn’t. Dane Cook is singularly unfunny, and any fool should know it. What I wondered was why the formidable crowd not only turned out, but seemed to think he was a genuine scream.

  15. Aerik said,

    Not only can he not sell his jokes, but he’s not that tolerant and/or bright, either. At the end of his HBO special “Vicious,” Dane Cook went into a stupid bit about an atheist who pointed out the absurdities of bible belief and the things Catholics say about their god, and the best response Cook can come up with is to resort to the fallacy that religion is immune to criticism, and then make a malignant joke about atheists being reincarnated as trees that become toilet paper to be used by Catholics. Very Jesus-like of you, Dane.

  16. KU LAW said,

    YES. Not funny. I too thought I was missing something. Robin Williams 2.0? Can’t argue with that! And to the big crowds…Hitler had big crowds.

  17. Alan said,

    I disagree with this whole post. He has an extensive vocabulary and relates well to the younger crowd. His topics are modern and he is very animated. I don’t think anyone would say what he is doing is easy. He is getting a bit over the top with his movies, and promotions but for the most part I still find him sufficient funny to watch (which is saying a lot).

  18. D said,

    I saw some website where they played Louis C.K. doing a bit, and then Dane Cook doing it 5 years later or something. The ripped off part was def. on par for the course. Although if you are stealing material from Louis C.K., you REALLY have to be struggling to be funny. The last time I laughed at this guy was when he did “The Phone Zone” on the 1st season of Crank Yankers.

    Hahahaha, I love how bent out of shape people like McBastard get. It’s a blog you idiot – a WEB LOG, a log where people place their personal thoughts on subjects for the web. Some of what the author said is speculative, some is his (or her i don’t know the author) opinion; in either case…


  19. standupcomedy said,

    McBastard, if you really want some supporting evidence, I’ll be more than happy to provide it to you.

    Stealing material from Louis C.K.: http://www.redban.com/audio/danesteals.mp3
    He stole 3 bits from C.K.: “Itchy Asshole,” “Guy On A Bike,” and “Naming Kids.” He then named them: “Itchy Asshole,” “Struck By A Vehicle,” and “My Son Optimus Prime,” respectively.

    More stolen material: http://media.putfile.com/Joe-Rogan-Exposes-Joke-Thieves
    “Comedian Joe Rogan has spoken on many occasions (including the December 1, 2006 broadcast of the Opie and Anthony Show) about Cook performing a bit on an episode of Premium Blend that Rogan claims to have performed earlier in clubs with Cook present. He also went on to claim that Jim Breuer had reported to Rogan that Cook was performing some of Rogan’s bits in clubs that he performed at with Breuer. Rogan claimed that he contacted Cook who admitted that his own manager had warned him about using Rogan’s material.” -Wikipedia.com of Dane Cook

    “Yeah, we get it: the world’s hottest comedian, a success story, the MySpace Generation, blah to the blah, but where are the fucking jokes?…It’s like he’s a lovable character Will Ferrell made up for an upcoming media-prank comedy, Funny Guy: The Legend of Dane Cook.” -Rob Sheffield of the Rolling Stone Magazine

    Ron White discusses his negative opinions of Dane Cook: http://www.bullz-eye.com/entertainment/interviews/2006/ron_white.htm

    “Not one comedian comes on (my show) and says `I’m so happy for [Dane Cook],’ which is weird. They can’t stand this poor guy.” – Jim Breuer

    If you would like me to go on, McBastard, I will.

  20. Hans said,

    Dane Cook is the biggest jerk on the planet.

  21. The CK said,

    What? Not everyone laughs at a grown man rolling around on the floor? But it’s right up there with Deal or No Deal quality programming that americans love.
    Great site!

  22. AC said,

    “Wouldn’t a bee line look more like this?” Yeah, man — take THAT, yellow insects 😉

  23. John said,

    He’s not funny, but loud and to most idiots that’s good enough.

  24. aed6 said,

    I love him. Go team

  25. Fleagle said,

    I’m still amazed at his popularity. I had never even heard of him until the ‘Vicious Circle’ HBO special. Then, I see the rock star size crowd, and I’m thinking to myself, “How did I miss this guy?”

    After about 20 minutes of his routine, I slowly realized that I haven’t missed a thing.

    His appeal is obvious to me, judging from the crowd. It’s 20 to early 30-something frat boys and girls who think he’s cute. As long as he’s making a spectacle of himself on stage and talking about things that these idiots think they can relate to (i.e., drinking, drugs, sex), they will eat it up.

  26. McBastard said,

    Oh man, I love this. Okay, one at a time here.

    Louis C.K. – Not much to say about this one, I’m with you. If Cook is stealing jokes, as it clearly sounds like he is, then something should be done about it. Louis himself said that it “wasn’t worth it.”

    Joe Rogan – Okay, first of all, you’re taking the word of a shill here. To call Joe Rogan a comic seems a little silly. The guy is the host of Fear Factor and UFC on SpikeTV. The fact of the matter is that jokes tend to get around, sounds to me like Joe is a little upset that his allegedly completely original jokes didn’t land him a career selling 36,000 ticket shows.

    Ron White – This one is my favorite. I don’t even have to address his complains because he doesn’t really have any. He just says he doesn’t find him funny. What is telling though is that he ends by saying “And he also puts down the guys from the Blue Collar tour.” Well no shit they won’t like him back.

    What I find hilarious is that you culled all this directly from the wiki page which says at the very top “The neutrality of this article is disputed.”

    I can appreciate your steadfastness in defending this single point of your post, but you failed to address the other inconsistencies of your post and of your review style in general. I mean come on, put simply, does he not tell jokes, or does he indeed tell stolen jokes? Is he stealing funny stories? Is he failing to sell the stolen funny stories to you sufficiently?

    Basically you are trying to come at it too many ways.
    You claim he can’t sell a joke and yet also claim that he is overanimated. Maybe if the original joke writers had sold their joke a little better or animated their performance a little more they wouldn’t drop into obscurity crying about it. Maybe you’re angry because getting famous by telling the same jokes better than someone else seems like a bad thing to you. Maybe if you took a little more time critically thinking about your subject you wouldn’t come up with so many inconsistencies.

    For the record, who is your favorite comic and why?

  27. Jimbo Jones said,

    He’s not a comedian, he’s the president of a fraternity.

  28. raymond said,

    why do people critique comedians? if people laugh, then he’s funny. if people buy tickets, then he’s funny. if you don’t find him funny, then A) don’t laugh. B) don’t buy tickets. is it really that difficult? walk away.

    one can criticize anyone, anywhere. it’s a piece of cake to narrow your eyes and talk smack. “anyone can be a critic”. if you’re a comedian and you are bashing Dane Cook then i truly feel sorry for you. you should be out there writing new jokes, working on new material, and perfecting presentation. life is too short.

    if my cousin tells a joke and it’s not funny, then do i create a blog and bash him for hours? do i sit in my room and think up unclever, unfunny ways to bash him so i can receive adoration from anonymous internet posters? does a person have to sell out Dodger Stadium before he is worthy of said bashdom?

    threatened much? the fact that people always bring up his “good looks” is telling. you care what he look like because……?

  29. standupcomedy said,

    McBastard, I’m sorry if my style of writing doesn’t particularly please you but the truth is this is my first ever blog and I have zero experience being a critic (let alone the fact that I’m only seventeen years old). I did that post last night at 3 A.M. because I couldn’t sleep and had nothing better to do. I can understand if you become somewhat upset at my contradicting review but everything I say isn’t needed to be taken with a grain of salt nor should it be taken one-hundred percent seriously. When I say things like, “he has no jokes,” then comment back with, “his jokes are terrible,” I don’t entirely mean what I say. I’m mostly blowing my perspective out of proportion with exaggerations.

    I honestly started this blog just for something to do and I didn’t expect that one post to get about 3,500 hits within the span of an hour or two. I’m actually very happy you “reviewed” me and I have learned a lot from your post. I thank you for providing me with such an intelligent response to my “lacking” blog post about a comedian that I probably should have put more thought into.

    I certainly hope what I’m writing right now doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. And for the record, I don’t have a favorite comedian but the first three comics I reviewed are whom I like best. For no particular reason but other than the fact that they make me laugh and I understand that that is also the sole reason why people enjoy Dane Cook.

  30. Bean? said,

    It’s comedy gold the way people equate popularity with good comedy. I have three words for people that agree with this: Andrew Dice Clay.

    Anyway, watching the first 10 minutes of that clip above makes me agree: Not really all that funny. The material isn’t bad, but the jokes just fall flat. I can believe that he steals material, but doesn’t really know how to pull it off.

  31. hotsarah said,

    comedy, like art, is subjective. i like listening to dane cook, and watching him is honestly a definitely a plus

  32. raymond said,

    comedy is subjective…. just lilke your favorite color. Andy Kaufman can lipsink to Mighty Mouse, and some folks think he’s a genius, while others think him a no-talent hack. Dane Cook? Not a big risk taker, but the guy can present. If you don’t lke it then just don’t watch him. Not sure how that’s lost on anyone. Good comedy does not equal popularity, but why sweat it? I might not like the color green, but i’m not likely to get bent out of shape about it.

    There are 10 million bad authors out there who have published books. I’m not going to waste my time attacking any of them or worrying about their proficiency. Instead, i’m more likely to just write something creative myself.

  33. Fred said,

    I like Dane Cook. He might not be Richard Pryor, but he’s entertaining. I like that his act has a lot of energy to it, he’s running around, flailing his arms and such. That tells me he really wants to entertain me, not just stand there like a stuck-up ass.
    He doesn’t seem to be a great actor, but I like his stand-up comedy.
    Wake up White people!

  34. Felix said,

    McBastard, his favorite comic is immaterial if the central postulate of this debate (such as it is) is “Dane Cook is an bad comedian”. It’s even less important if the whole point is his original post is “I don’t personally like Dane Cook”.

    Were he to respond to you and say that his favorite comic was Bill Hicks, the most likely outcome of that would be that you would find some anecdotal evidence or personal experience that proves Hicks was either unoriginal or untalented, independent of the widely held belief that he was neither.

    The bottom line is that he stated an opinion on his blog and you disagreed with it, and at the end of the day, neither of those two events changes Cook’s bank account in any way, so who cares?

  35. Taylor said,

    I don’t get it. How is relating Dane Cook to Robin Williams a bad thing? I’ll admit that it may not be everyone’s taste, but when it comes to judging whether or not a comedian is succesful or “funny” you could do a hell of a lot worse than Robin Williams. And no, nobody cares about how Dane Cook looks. Granted, his physical performances add a lot to his jokes, but his cds are still listened to all over the place enthusiastically. His talent lies in his words. People like him for the same reason they like George Carlin (and no, I’m not saying he’s as good as Carlin, but hey, he’s still young, there’s still time). He knows how to use words. He’s a wonderful wordsmith. “I don’t like it when the movie Dune is in my chocolatey drink” is a wonderful sentence regardless of what it means. It’s poetry.

  36. peakaction said,

    Dane Cook isn’t funny? I wonder why I laugh so hard when I listen to his CDs, then? Maybe this whole “comedy” thing you speak of is subjective.

  37. Wild Bill said,

    I saw this guy on TV and thought “WTF is this guy yapping about, he isn’t funny so apparently I must have tuned to some religious channel, because those Kool-Aid drinkers will gather to listen to people that a thinking person would never dream of wasting time on”

    I figured he was some wacko crooked TV evangelist like Rick Warren, Joel Osteen or Robert Schuller et al

    but upon further review, he is just a comic who sucks and isn’t funny, not the first one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone untalented can draw large crowds here in America, I mean this is the country that elected Bush……twice!…….well sort of elected, in a fraudulent kind of way.

  38. Frank said,

    I’m an American expat, and have never heard of this guy. For that reason, I was amazed to read that he is “one of the biggest comedians of our time”, and to see the reception he got and the size of the venue. I was expecting something funny, but I have to say I only chuckled once in the first 20 minutes. I like his animated style, but the jokes just fall completely flat for me. (Actually, sometimes I was wondering which were supposed to be the jokes.) It seems to me that he tells the same sorts of stories, and makes the same sorts of observations that comedians often make; in other words, he emulates the standard comedic style well. But I don’t detect any wit; there’s just not much substance there.

    Also (and maybe this is just me, but) there is something which I can’t pin down about him which screams “not funny” and seems to counteract the whole mood. His lack of self-deprecation? Overconfidence? The whole frat boy image? I don’t know.

    Some people seem to think that he must be funny BECAUSE he’s popular (apparently). I ask you: is Britney Spears a good singer because she’s sold a lot of albums? N sync?

    BTW, I dunno if the people who complained about Robin Williams are only thinking of his films or not, but I have seen some of his older stand-up stuff, before he became a movie star, and he’s hilarious. And if you’ve ever seen interviews, no one makes more jokes per second than him. Not that he’s my favorite comic by any means, but comparing Williams to this guy is a crime.

  39. elementskater said,

    If you can’t handle the *gasp* thought that some people might find him funny, deal with it. Don’t post some ridiculous blog entry (who the hell are you, anyway?) criticizing what many consider a good comedian.

  40. mike said,

    i agree.. all he does is jump around, and makes stupid sounds over and over.

  41. Annette said,

    Obviously he is not that overrated considering he is doing so well. He would not have that many fans if he wasn’t funny. The way he jumps around and makes stupid sounds over and over is funny. Not everyone is going to think is funny, that is a given. Obviously you don’t. But i’d be surprised and shocked if you didnt smile during ONE of his jokes, just one. I am not even saying you need to laugh… just a smile.

    I think he is great, and he is obviously doing something right because I am not the only one who thinks so.

  42. FML said,

    Right on. Dane Cook is the most overrated piece of warmed-over walking dookie since Richard Simmons.

  43. Lensflare said,

    I 100% disagree with all of you.

    Dane Cook is the best comedian there is, even if he doesn’t have other people’s lame “yo mama” jokes.

    I actually don’t like comics, with the exception of Dane Cook.

  44. raymond said,

    “Right on. Dane Cook is the most overrated piece of warmed-over walking dookie since Richard Simmons.”

    ok, but why the hate? that’s not adding up to me. all kinds of people are painfully unfunny, but i don’t hate them. i just don’t laugh. perhaps i walk away. they just aren’t funny. fair enough. if everyone were insanely funny, then there would be no really funny people by contrast. more then likely, i won’t be referring to them as “dookie” though if their joke bombs.

    so, when someone likes someone else and you don’t like that person then you, by definition, hate the person they like. and that makes sense because…..?

  45. Bob said,

    Dane Cook is an IP thief. He deserves no credit. Stealing someones material and passing it off as your own is the same as stealing an invention, a secret recipe or lines of code. I am a professional entertainer. It has taken me over a decade to develope a show with original material. It is so hard to take something like this to court. If he stole my material, I would beat his ass!

  46. james said,

    He’s the Andrew Dice Clay of his generation. Most of these huge comedians are flash in the pans. Steve Martin was able to make a long career as an actor. Cook seems to be trying to go in that direction. Kinnison and Clay weren’t so lucky.

  47. Dave said,

    So, I read the blog and I watched the video. I didn’t find Dane as funny as some comedians, but neither did I see a reason for you to be so upset with him–at least, not from his act. If you dislike him personally or for his actions outside of this video, that’s one thing, but to carry this advocacy against him to his work and say “this is not funny because I don’t like him” isn’t necessarily founded.

    Dane has a solid sense of comedic timing and what he does best of all is tell an engaging story, bringing the audience along for the fun and the ride. I guess I can see how if you don’t want him to be funny, you won’t find him so. He lacks the outrageousness of a Carlin or Murphy, where even if you are offended you still find yourself laughing uncontrollably, but I’m not sure that means he isn’t a good comedian.

    Cook’s storytime delivery may require the audience to want to go along with it for it to work, but that just means performing in front of 18,000 people who stood in line to pay money to see the act was a smart move on his part.

    I had never heard of Dane Cook before reading this article and watching this video. I found his act to be enjoyable but not uproarious. I could take him or leave him either way.

    In re-reading your post, I am surprised at the energy you put out against him. You see him succeeding in spite of any real talent, but this happens all the time, especially in the entertainment industry. This is more than just jealousy that the other guy got lucky and you didn’t–you’re actually mad at anybody who DOES find Dane Cook funny.

    What about his case in particular makes you so angry?

  48. vkilla said,

    The only thing I laughed at that he is in was Employee of the month. I jujst don’t get the whole phenomenon his stand up s horrible.


  49. Bob said,

    Dave, read my post.

  50. McBastard said,

    I appreciate your reply. I found you through reddit.com and really had no frame of reference for who you are or what you do, I was more concerned with the writing.
    You have a big audience now, you’re going to need to really up your game if you’re going to keep them reading.
    In all earnestness, good luck.

  51. PAR said,

    Oh, I get it now, it should be called an “I” line, not a “B” line. Wow. That’s comic genius.

    Just because someone is “popular” that does not mean he is talented or funny.

    The guy is unoriginal, redundant, and boring.Oh, I get it now, it should be called an “I” line, not a “B” line. Wow. That’s comic genius.

    I work in a bar where I see thousands of people a month, and different topics come up all the time: Anna Nicole’s death, Obama’s run for the presidency, Coke or Pepsi.

    Recently someone brought up Dane Cook by saying he though Cook wasn’t funny. Of the dozens of people I’ve asked, only 3 (three) people said they thought he was “ok.” Not one person thought he was funny and most thought he was unfunny (if that’s a word). He was called an “idiot,” “a frat boy with a mic” and a “talent-less rock-star wannabe at best.”

    Just because someone is “popular” that does not mean he is talented or funny.

    The guy is unoriginal, redundant, and boring. But he’s managed to turn it into a career – good for him.

  52. L M said,

    Look, I don’t think he’s funny either, but that doesn’t mean the people who laugh at his jokes are wrong. They just have a different sense of humor. That’s still legal.

  53. Matthew said,

    Absolutely correct, 100%.

    And you’re right about the “unsavvy female” thing. The only Dane Cook fans I’ve personally met have been young women who, frankly, didn’t have the sharpest senses of humor in the world.

  54. craptacular said,

    he is a girl comedian. girls like him. guys don’t. simple.

    but he has more money than me and more chicks than i ever will.

    but when i get home i have a cat who loves me very much.

    he can’t buy that will all his money!
    my cat will always love me better.

    that is all

  55. derp said,

    He’s more famous and probably richer than you’ll ever be 🙂

  56. Danny said,

    Honestly, this had to be said. Dane Cook sucks. In 20 years no one will remember him. People will still be listening to and watching recordings of Dave Chapelle, Bill Cosby, Jim Gaffigan, Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, hell, Al Yankovic. Take heart, Dane Cook’s years are numbered =F

  57. waXpoet said,

    For the record, Joe Rogan is a good comedian and actually an amazingly articulate and intelligent guy. I highly recommend listening to the radio clip of Joe debating the theft of other comics jokes with other comedians and a comedy club owner…. that is of course, if you’re interested in this topic that much 😉

    I laughed my ass off at Dean’s performance, he’s got great timing. Even though I’ll continue to watch Dean and probably continue to enjoy his antics and bits, he will be forever be known to me as a thief.

  58. rjlight said,

    He is not funny to me, but he obviously makes other people laugh so whatever. I don’t make everyone laugh, but those 2 people who do laugh at my blog are still important!

  59. INeedAttention.com said,

    “He pulls in his crowds with vivid actions, loud and obnoxious slapstick behavior, smooth talking, and good looks.”

    Sounds like a cool guy!

  60. angrymob said,

    This is a very simple argument to settle, Dane Cook fans – just give some example of his funny material. Some of his best jokes. Links to youtube videos you think are representative of his high-caliber stuff. That’s your best argument. Personally, I think Dane Cook doesn’t even deserve to sit in the long dark shadow of, say, Eddie Izzard, who has bits that rival Python in their fame and appeal. Comparable Dane Cook bits?

  61. LL said,

    Watching Dane Cook for the first time, I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

    He’s just not very funny. But he does have a lot of energy to “sell” his routine.

  62. 3sh said,

    So true, this guy just isn’t funny. I find him obnoxious.

  63. Bert said,

    You are all just jealous…when this guy is doing his thing, countless women start getting wet on the spot..I’ve witnessed this with some of my friends..I can’t explain it. But the guy is funny alright. He is interesting to listen to and definitely worth the ticket price. If you want to make your date happy, take her to see Dane, you’ll be getting laid, though her mind will be somewhere else, sorry. But she’ll be sooooo freaking ready , you’ll change your mind about the Dane man.

  64. Moleman X said,

    He’s kind of like the Dave Matthews of comedy…super successful, and has some talent in his profession (somewhere less than average – but both with great stage presence) but has somehow created a huge following of LEMMINGS that have no idea why or what they’re laughing at, or listening too….but they know that at this moment it’s “cool” to be there if you’re 16 to 28 years old and are wearing some sort of shirt that screams HOLLISTER or ABERCROMBIE on it….YUP, you know who you are you little LEMMINGS. It’s just plain old kick-ass human marketing….that’s about it. Bottom line, the dude makes cash hand over fist…think he gives two sh@#’s about who likes him and who doesn’t?
    …And by the way…wake up and the stop the free advertising for those ridiculous clothing companies…DAMN…they should be paying you $200 to wear their t-shirts…..now get back to your IPOD…lemmings!!

    Jealousy is a funny thing…

  65. Generic said,

    I couldn’t agree more. He’s all flash, no substance.

  66. Katie said,

    right on man!! dane WAS funny, but has yet to get any new material. fame has gone this that kid’s head, it’s too bad. There’s no way he’s going anywhere but down. 😦

  67. Zaid said,

    Dane Cook isn’t funny. Though this entry really sucks at getting your point across intelligently. If anything this was conceived to get a lot of hits and attention.

  68. Rashy said,

    I don’t like that he swears so much. Not that swearing bothers me, but I just don’t think it helps his routine. It seems like when he knows he losing his audience, or knows that his joke will suck, the throws in a “fuck” or two just to make the crowd laugh.

    Moleman X:

    Your tirade about wearing brand name clothing sounds awfully familiar. It is just about as old as Dave Matthews 😛 (but very true).

  69. tropican8 said,

    Finally, someone said it. You hit the nail on the head my friend. He “acts” funny, so the uneducated masses take him at his word. His actual material isn’t very inventive.

    And I have noticed a large amount of his fans that I know are female as well.

  70. hunior89 said,

    He is the most popular comedian for one reason: most of America is fucking dumb. Look at our country. A cocaine-addled felon is our president. Our biggest sport is watching forty hillbillies turn left in a fixed race for hours at a time. Sometimes i wish i were Canadian.

  71. Anon said,

    I never post, on these as I just stumble on them, but…

    I honestly agree. I think he’s boring as shit. His jokes are dry, shallow and recycled.

    This has nothing to do with jealousy; Dane Cook just sucks.

    George Carlin has more ‘comedic wisdom’ in his little finger.

    But, that’s just my opinion…

  72. The Colonel said,

    He’s a bit of a hack, true…

    Mr. Cook has his moments, but he’s in no way original, especially in this standup.

    He’s a fan-whore… that’s why people love him.

    David Cross said it best.

    I’ll not try to replicate that greatness.

  73. spatulated said,

    I think at one point he was good. His tangents almost alway came full circle, often to my surpise. but now, i agree, he has nothing.

  74. OftenWrong.net » Blog Archive » Sorry State of Comedy said,

    […] over $70 million last year. Deal or No Deal is a ratings success with an unfunny Howie Mandel, and Dane Cook is arguably the biggest stand up comedian in the […]

  75. vineire said,

    Dane’s “lying” routine is pretty much a blatant rip-off of Nick Swardson’s routine from awhile back. Denis Leary, meet Dane Cook.

  76. Hoopy Froot said,

    Dane Cook is as good a comedian as Britney Spears is a singer. That’s how the mediocracy we live in operates. The top selling names within every sector of North American culture reflect the most mediocre quality. No exceptions. McDonalds food sucks, George W. Bush has a weak mind, Anna Kournikova’s tennis playing sucks, Donald Trump is an atrocious businessman, Halle Berry’s acting is a joke, etc. If substance mattered our entire system would collapse.

    Dane Cook is the Anna Kournikova of comedy. My advice to you is to not let it stress you out. Let the masses do what they want and just carve your own path. If anything it’s your fault for investing yourself in the system. Don’t be such a rube! 🙂

  77. davidquesada said,

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve tried to watch Dane Cook, but the guy stinks!

  78. chris said,

    I can’t believe you pricks are giving this guy a hard time for an opinion in a fucking BLOG!!! You’re gonna turn the poor kid off writing. Dane Cook’s a fuckin’ nob. That’s my opinion. Dispute it. I don’t give a fuck and I hope the guy that wrote this doesn’t either. Cooke’s comedy appeals the the Lowest Common Denominator…the idiots…and there’s more than enough to fill all the stadiums in America with them…maybe they can just hang around after Mega-Church.

  79. thesushifiles said,

    I heard of Dane Cook through a male friend…and I’ve introduced his material to several men who all enjoy his work-and surprise surprise NONE of them are gay. So it cannot be because he is ‘eye candy’ for ‘unsavvy females’.
    Now aint that funny? No wait, obviously not…since I don’t have a REAL sense of humour because I think Dane Cook is hilarious.

    Also, I have never once seen him until today on this blog. All the stuff I own of his is audio not visual. And he still cracks me up in ways that no one else can.
    Hell, sometimes I laugh before he even gets to the punch line just because I know what he is going to say, because I have heard it so many times before.

    And in response to ANGRYMOB who asked for examples of Dane’s best work on Youtube…Well like I said before-I havent watched him, just listened.

    Maybe it’s hard for you to imagine that anyone would be good enough to captivate his audience by his tone of voice and delivery alone??

    Anyway, if you are still interested in examples, I recommend the following:
    -His jokes about wanting to be part of a heist, own a monkey and battle this afore said monkey in his own home
    -Any of his material on the ‘BK Lounge’
    -His stories of owning his dream home with trapdoors
    -What he intends to name his children

    You know what….I’m not even going to list any more because I could go on for ages…But the man could take any bland story and transform it into the most hysterically funny thing you ever heard. Perhaps that’s why it seems like he’s stealing other people’s jokes and stories? I don’t really know enough about that to have an opinion. Maybe he is stealing-maybe he’s creating. I don’t know.

    But hey you know what? Ever heard that joke about the chicken crossing the road? I bet whoever told you that joke didn’t make it up.

    -Probable Sushi.

  80. rammfan518 said,

    I do not think he is that funny either. He is just loud and energetic, but that’s about it. The only routine I like by him is when he was five hours late at work, but everything else is kind of “bleh.”

  81. Deric said,

    Allow me to chime in. Here is a novel idea for all of you bitchy whiners. If you don’t like his comedy, don’t watch or listen to it. If you think it’s funny, watch it.

  82. Curtis said,

    Thanks for voicing what I’ve felt for so long but haven’t found the enthusiasm to say. The guy gives me the creeps.

  83. Is it a sin to not like Dane Cook? And some TV Trash Talk… « Thoughts, Raves & Outright Beatings said,

    […] Is it a sin to not like Dane Cook? And some TV Trash Talk… Jump to Comments This was the 2nd most popular blog entry on wordpress.com today.  […]

  84. Paul said,

    Watching Dane Cook is like watching a Stand-up version of all those crap “like, talk to the hand”, “like, don’t go there” American sitcoms. This is “comedy” for people with low double digit IQs.

    Being British its my duty to hate this shit 😉

  85. Hamm said,

    For the first six months I had ever heard of Dane Cook it was off of a CD. That has nothing to do with looks or body movements.

  86. Louis said,

    The most important part of any joke is delivery. And he has that. I don’t know about the plagiarims part, but if people like him, let them like him. He’s a different kind of comedian from most we know.

  87. koolio said,

    I couldn’t agree more. I remember hearing about Dane Cook and watched a couple episodes of his HBO show (I forget the name of it but I remember Gary Gulman was in it) so I decided to watch Vicious Circle and thought it was terrible. He wasn’t funny in the least and I turned it off after 30 minutes.

  88. wphj said,

    I think he’s pretty funny.
    Jim Gaffigan is better.
    [not sure about the spelling there]

  89. someguy said,

    he’s an entertainer. all those things you complain about is what makes him more appealing to a larger and younger crowd.
    i think he’s hilarious. but if you dont like him dont watch.

  90. cuzoogle said,

    smartest thing I have read today

    he is not funny

  91. Mark Hosch said,

    The only thing I find interesting about Dane Cook is that a person will either find him funny, or completely un-funny. Normally that doesn’t happen, as a comedian I might not be a large fan of will still make me laugh from time to time. Not Dane Cook. He’s just not for me, but I don’t see the need to go and rail on him because he isn’t my cup of tea.

  92. eugens said,

    I watched that embeded video and I must say, that’s one comedian that manages to NOT be funny at all. It didn’t even make me smile. His material might be appealing to jocks and frat boys and mostly uneducated people (the same ones that are proned to be fascinated by anything that looks shiny).

    Also, I used to find Pablo Francisco hilarious. Until I watched his second and third show. And yes, he has too few routines that he constantly uses to the point you know them by heart.

  93. Dimwitted Musings said,

    I wouldn’t say he is the best comedian of all time, but his sense of humor certainly does hit a certain demographic = college kids. While my mother wouldn’t be interested in what he has to say as comedy, I on the other hand think some of his skits are absolutely hilarious.

    No offense but this isn’t a very supported or well thought out blog entry.

    He’s famous because of good looks? I’ve seen much better and so has the rest of the world. Back up your claims with something a bit more substantial next time.

  94. monkeyhead said,

    I agree %100. It’s funny, I just ran across your blog this morning. My friend and I were talking about him last night. I was telling her that I think it’s a girl thing. Most women think he’s hilarious and most men think he’s just ok. It has to be the fact that he’s pleasurable to look at. Whatever. I will still think he’s funny.

  95. Kyra said,

    I never thought he was funny. I watched one of his shows for a few minutes and quickly changed the channel.

  96. metzae said,

    Sounds to me like someone is a failing comedian with a jealousy complex. I laugh my ass off when I listen/watch Dane Cook. Though I agree that the Vicious Circle DVD isn’t his best performance, he doesn’t suck. And he’s definitely not overrated. OverSOLD, maybe, but that’s just how this society works.

  97. mindjedi said,

    Dane Cook is not funny.
    McBastard you say check the stats, newspapers, and reviews? You then go on to insult the blogger? You have some nerve boy.
    If you want to compare stats let’scompare Spice Girls against the reviews. They did awesome- but were they?
    Dane Cook is pathetic.
    When it comes to North American comedy, the only thing that works is regurgitated, slap-stick boisterous yelling accented with cuss words, sarcasm and “I’m the new big thing” attitude.
    The sad truth is America is a desenseitized puppet dancing to the tunes of a down-hill innovated slope.
    Wait a minute…let me guess…Im bitter right? no wait…I’m jealous…- Whatever.
    Hey I have an idea, let’s agree to disagree. Let’s all go watch Friends and Sienfeld re-runs while we drink Vodka and Rolling Rock and exchange Emo clothes so it looks like were always on top….then we can watch Dane on Youtube and laugh at the same jokes and say “Oh remember the one where he….”- Well, you know what I mean.
    Just a suggestion.

  98. Jorge said,

    Welcome to the modern world.

    A good number of entertainers these days have no talent.

    I’m not going to name names, because I don’t fancy Cement Shoes.

  99. pluckymama said,

    I love him. And it’s not because of his good looks because I’ve only listened to him on CD and I think he’s hilarious. The fact the he repeats things is hilarious too….I guess you just don’t get his sense of humor but don’t knock him just because you don’t get it. I know tons of people who think his humor is stinking amazing and I am one of them….without ever seeing how sexy he is.

  100. Scrigs said,

    You are right. He’s only a famous comedian because he’s attractive. Just like every other attractive male……wait….what?

  101. totaltransformation said,

    He has his moments, like his bit about how no one you hand a camera to has a clue how to use them- despite the fact that they are all built the same. Otherwise he is mostly slapstick, movement, etc.

    Like a prop comic, but his only prop is his body. I’ll take Gilbert Godfrey over Dane Cook any day.

    J. Kaiser

  102. lmai83 said,

    I completely agree with this post. I do believe I read an entertainment article (on CNN or MSN) that pretty stated all the things you said. I tried to give the guy a chance, but he just wasn’t funny to me; I never heard any real jokes.

  103. Brent said,

    Did you conclude this after watching one performance?

    Dane Cook is hilarious. He is a million times more funny than Ellen Degeneres, whose entire routine makes me laugh not a single time.

  104. fergis said,

    Bill Hicks did everything Dane Cook does a 100 times better in the ’90s. I shouldn’t even mention them in the same sentence.

  105. Ed said,

    When I watch him I laugh. When I watch other comedians I laugh.
    Dane seems to be attacked more because of his popularity, but this isn’t the first time I have heard all this he isn’t a real comedian stuff.

    Oh well.

  106. ~M said,

    I totally agree with this post. no Dane isn’t hilarious. neither is Ellen.

    you ppl might try Carlin if you want real edge.

  107. wmcraver said,

    I thought he was good on Comedy Central, but watched him again and again. I actually bought his CD because I thought he was somewhat humorous… WRONG!!

  108. sophiespeaks said,

    He really isn’t funny at all…though he does have a contagious energy. If he gave up “comedy” he would have a great career as a motivational speaker.

    I certainly respect that everyone has their own sense of humor…and if that’s your bag rock on dude.

  109. wittyusername said,

    Dane Cook is good, mindless entertainment. I like him for what he is. Equal parts obnoxious douchebag and schrewd businessman.

    His business model, if you want to look at it that way, is remarkable.

    He sells out all of this shows, and not only that, the crowds are huge.

    He stars in movies, that are pretty funny, such as Waiting.

    The man knows what he is doing.

    But if anyone dares to argue his legitimacy as a good comedian, they should stop right there. He is nowhere near the same ranks as Richard Pryor, Steve Martin-before-he-started-making-kid’s-movies, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and the greatest of all time (in my eyes). . . . .Mitch Hedburg. Seriously.

    He fits a niche and that’s it. People will forget about him in 20 years.

  110. jupiterjessica said,

    Carlin is definately a comic genius ~M.

    As for Dane Cook I think he’s funny and intelligent. He doesn’t have to be well-liked by everyone. People have different opinions on humor. I think he is the next big comic for the next generation of people who are going to do things. Every group needs their comedian. Maybe you just don’t belong to Dane’s group. Oh well.

    I would try writing about new fresh comedians that we all want to see instead of a comedian who has been criticized a hundred times over. I don’t want to know what you think about Dane Cook, I already have an opinion about him. Tell me about someone I don’t know.

  111. A defence for Dane Cook « Tales from the side of the road said,

    […] I’m not going to post whole performances of Dane’s show on here as that would be stealing.  But if sites that do post that show get busted for copyright […]

  112. mushroom0806 said,


    I dont agree with any of the things you said about any of the comedians on this blog!!!

    do you even know any good comedians?

  113. Sbhedges said,

    Total Rubbish Comedian

  114. celtictiger said,

    I like that most of you seem to be basing his alleged thievery on a disputed Wiki article. Just because someone accuses him of it doesn’t mean it actually happened. Now, I haven’t listened to the comparison clips yet (on a shared computer at the moment that doesn’t have the updated version of Windows Media Player) so maybe my opinion will change when I do listen, but as of now all I can think is that the comedians accusing him (with the exception of Ron White, IMHO) aren’t all that great themselves. And since when is Rogan a comedian?

    Personally, I think the bit about adding lyrics to car alarms is hilarious. I thought that was pretty original.

  115. celtictiger said,

    Ok, managed to get the update for Player.

    These bits are similar but certainly not the same. They are less rip offs and more like books on the same subject.

    Also, after listening to CK…yeah, I think he’s just pissed because he isn’t funny.

  116. princesarosada28 said,

    I would like to see you try to be half the comedian that Dane Cook is. Any type of performance is difficult and takes decades of hard work to perfect, and although his style is not exactly as polished as some of the more seasoned comedians, he is overall a very funny person. You unsupported and uninformed claims are futile at best. Nice try, though.

  117. wittyusername said,


    If you’re looking for comedians who aren’t dead, there’s also:

    Aziz Ansari
    Russell Peters (but I think he’s retired)

    Ok that’s all I can think of for now, but that’s a pretty good start.


  118. shedemei said,

    Wow, like so many others have said before me, I thought I was the only one who thought the same thing. I don’t see what’s so funny about someone yelling slightly amusing jokes (if they can be called that) into the mic.

  119. Taylor said,

    FACT – Dane Cook has the best selling comic album of the last 20 years
    FACT – Dane Cook was one of the first to utilize the full marketing potential of myspace and used it

    Dane Cook is also a brilliant marketer. He understands what his fans want and he gives it to them. He is not the “run of the mill” comedian off the Bob & Tom circuit. He is engaging to watch live. He uses far less profanity then most comedians considered “funny” by the self-described “establishment” (this being you, oh thoughtful blogger).

    I would ask what you define as a “joke” if you claim he has none.

    The face of comedy is changing and Dane is ushering it in. Evolution happens. Cultural shifts happen. Get over it – get over yourself – and spend more time promoting the things you love instead of stretching for half-arguments to define your minority opinion.

  120. totaltransformation said,

    Ellen. How can anyone mention her in the same breath as comedy?

    -J. Kaiser

  121. Brent said,

    Ellen. How can anyone mention her in the same breath as comedy?

    I should have said: speaking of comedians who suck and aren’t the least bit funny.

    Nobody beats Rodney Dangerfield. He was the true king of comedy. Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison were also legendary –and both were from my hometown of Peoria, IL!

    Dave Attell is also great!

  122. reneemarvin said,

    While I honestly don’t agree with your comments about him, I can see where you might get the idea that his comedy is juvenile or “slapstick”. However – physical comedy certainly has its merits, as does the more cerebral jokes you seem to be fond of. I realize, also, that the World Wide Web isn’t a place to censor your thoughts, and I appreciate your self-control in not using profanity or name-calling.
    Would you mind clarifying a few of your statements, though? On what occasions has Dane Cook been accused of stealing material?

  123. Dewayne said,

    Dane Cook is to funny as Carlos Mencia is to original.

  124. Ryan Gardner said,

    Dane Cook is by far the best comedian of the era. He’s the only one that has actually made me laugh out loud in ages.

  125. Taylor said,

    If you bitch about Dane Cook not having jokes then all you’re doing is complimenting him according to how most stand-up comedians think. They don’t tell jokes, they tell stories. Most comedians who tell “jokes” are thought o fas hacks. And Brent you forgot about George Carlin. In my opinion, the greatest comedian of all time. Him and Richard Pryor are close, and Richard Pryor has inspired more, has been more of a moving force in the comedy world, but as far as straight up funny goes, my vote’s always going to be on Carlin.

  126. wittyusername said,

    My list is:

    1. Mitch Hedbrug

    2. Richard Pryor
    3. Eddie Murphy
    4. Dave Attell
    5. David Cross
    5. Aziz Ansari
    5. George Carlin


  127. pcorneau said,

    I guess i am getting old. I don’t get it. Thousands of people paying to watch a man bragging about being a lyer. He is an ass.

  128. Adam said,

    The sad fact of the matter is that no matter how much i HATE Dane Cook, people are still gonna like his act. This is still a democratic nation and I don’t have control over what people are allowed to watch……………yet. You could get the same comedic experience by going to the special olympics and watching a hyperactive kid with tourettes run the 100 meter dash, but I guess thats what sells to the majority of people living in this country. Oh well, at least I didnt take the time to write a blog about him.

  129. Kasey Skala said,

    Hey sucks, get over it

  130. GreatBlog said,

    Most of you are idiots. Dane Cook is a great performer but piece of shit comedian. He stole his shit and no other real comedians respect him. Having respect in the comedian “inner circle” is proof that you are a great comedian. Only the best know, and when dumb fucks like Cook and Mencia come into the comedy world and bring used material, they deserve to be exposed and accused. Too bad there are too many stupid people that just jump on a bandwagon and think this guy is a real comedian. Watch The Aristocrats and that’s where you’ll find most of the real comedians. These guys have written their own stuff ever since they’ve started their comedian career.

  131. hudsonator said,

    I go to college is basically Nowhere, KS…and every joke or laugh is centered around Dane Cook. I laugh everytime I watch him or listen to his cds, which I PROUDLY own. And if you can sit here and say you can watch DC without even a chuckle, then you my friend are cold hearted! Its the funniest performance I’ve ever withnessed. He realates so much to life that its incredibly funny, and I’m on the brink of pissing myself silly. Maybe its just my age and my generation, but when he say he’s so loud that even the black people tell him to shut up…ITS DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS, cause its TRUE!

    So quit OVER EXAGGERATING…Dane Cook is a BA, or better yet a BAMF!

  132. Rachid said,

    You’re just spewing off without backing up your claims so….whatever man. Lame Blog!

  133. Liew said,

    Word. Mitch Hedberg was way funnier than Dan Cook will ever be.

  134. Anon4 said,

    If anyone has watched friends, seinfeld, or simpsons as a kid, you know that is where he gets all his jokes from. he’s a lame ass and i hope he dies

  135. AmyH said,

    Amen. Dane Cook sucks. I checked out some of his material online after a friend raved about how funny he is. He’s not.

    I think I need to reexamine my friendship.

  136. Decepticon said,

    What shocks me the most about this page is the glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You people (save for about 3 out of 135) need to go back to school and learn some goddamn English. If anyone actually LIKES Dane Cook, you should watch Pablo Francisco. If you think this guy is on the forefront of “the new movement of comedy” or some bullshit, remember Pablo Francisco (among others) were doing his frenetic style of stand-up 10-15 years before. Just because he can pack in 36,000 pablum-brained idiots, it doesn’t mean he’s funny.

  137. dirkmancuso said,

    I’ve never seen the appeal myself. And I don’t really think he’s all that cute, either.

  138. Brent said,

    @ Taylor

    I didn’t forget about George Carlin. I don’t care for him. Too political and anti-Christian for me. I find him to be offensive sometimes, and I happen to be very open minded. But don’t question my religious beliefs, and expect me to like you.

  139. Taylor said,

    Fair enough, George Carlin does take his anti-christianism a bit too far in my opinion as well, but he does it well.

  140. memoryinmotion said,

    I have to agree with the “unfunny” camp. The first time I heard Cook, it was audio only, and I thought it was an amateur bit. I think he does well because he’s easy on the eyes.

    But then again, I think Mitch Hedberg was a babe. 🙂

  141. dame said,

    Come on, he’s not that bad. Personally I love his presentation, and he’s just a funny guy. Brilliant? Timeless? Legendary? Probably not. But when people start getting heavy about comedy, there’s something wrong. I’ll sop up funny wherever I can get it. Hate him? Turn him off and slap on a Henny Youngman cd, mister pissy pants!

  142. zkennedy23 said,

    This is so retarded… I’ve been listening to Cook for years now.. (mitch too… yeah its sad) Hes not overrated… People wear out his routines like “Im rick james bitch!” from Chappelle. This is a conflict of interest, but noone wants to hear yours. Please delete this post or rethink the structure of your existence.


  143. astrogamera said,

    yeah, he sucks. If you want the real deal check out some Bill Hicks.

  144. KeenEye said,


    I agree. Dane Cook is exhausting. I tried listening to some of his stand-up on a road trip, and chose to turn it off and listen to static-filled country music instead.

  145. frup said,

    I agree with you. The only thing more bothersome than Dane Cook and his material are his fans, who make refferences to his lame jokes in daily conversation.

  146. Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia, a REAL American hero. « The Stand-Up Comedy Blog said,

    […] am (Misc) Carlos Mencia is one contradicting sonuvagun. Pardon my French. I used to think that Dane Cook was the worst entertainer of the decade but after watching this, I’m starting to have second thoughts. Mencia was always second worst […]

  147. andreschneider said,

    Some of his stuff is pretty funny, though. But you’re right — there are better ones out there. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty unknown compared to him. *sigh*

  148. adamsikeprincess said,

    over analyzing much? personally i find dane cook hellarious. a little repetitive but over all entertaining. but i can also see ware the motovation for this spew comes from.

  149. Bane said,

    Err… accusations do not equal fact. I can claim you stole my blog material and tell the whole world what a hack you are… doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, it’s very NOT true because I wouldn’t write about such inane tripe as this. If he stole material, then he presents it better than those he stole it from.

    On another note, everyone’s definition of humor is different. Some people like potty humor, others like intellectual humor, etc. So, in essence, the theory of your entire blog is flawed. We aren’t clones who wear the same shit, eat the same shit, shit the same shit, and laugh at the same shit. So, I will have to conclude my comment with an observation: I’m willing to bet that you are the type of person that thinks their shit smells like fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

  150. wittyusername said,


    Joe Rogan of Fear Factor fame, PUNKS Carlos Mencia.

    It was fucking hysterical!!!!!!!!

  151. Jon said,

    100% agree, he’s not funny

  152. dust said,

    dane cook was kinda funny the first time couple times I saw him. now his personality is just getting really old and obnoxious. not to mention I’ve heard him deliver a good portion of this material before in previous routines (and the crowd knows it too, though they cheer anyway ‘oh I know that joke! fucking sweet!’ *gulps beer^)

  153. melissa said,

    umm you people need to get a life. he is hillarious and if you dont think so…well then who cares..i dont.

  154. Mark said,

    you see comedy is like a box of chocolates…

  155. You came here by way of the Internet… « Another Else said,

    […] things to do. So, I’m not helping you. I’m helping me. I wish to stop people from jumping on bandwagons and making other uninformed decisions. Do you need my help? No, if you have common sense, you are […]

  156. Mako said,

    Dane Cook isn’t funny. All he does is walk around the stage as if on crack, and tell mediocre jokes that don’t really go anywhere. Most of his material are poor attempts at observational humor.

  157. computer - somdaj.com » Dream weaver tutorial - Dream Foundation said,

    […] Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade. […]

  158. Dane Cook, Super-Hack « AC on the WP said,

    […] is, he sucks. See for yourself by watching the linked video on The Stand-Up Comedy Blog Entry: Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade. Of course you’ll have to sit through the first ten minutes of the guy struttin’ around […]

  159. Joe Do said,

    So i have a quick question. Whether you hate him or not, he does apparently make people laugh, when people laugh, they buy tickets to his shows and then this promotes the economy..who cares who thought of the joke.. ancient romans said copying is a form of flattery.

  160. Joe Do said,

    oh…that wasnt really a question

  161. steve said,

    how fuckin stupid can you be? your probably just a person that nobody thinks is funny and tries your hardest to be a comedian but just cant cut it and is a little jealous. dane cook is fuckin hilarious ive never laughed so hard in my life.

  162. schreimusik said,

    Umm. Yeah…. I have to say that its dumb for people to be thrashing on your post I mean its your opion and if people don’t like it then that’s there problem although Dane cook dose happen to be my favorite comedian.

  163. Aesthetican said,

    That’s absolutely true that Dane’s act is based on selling, not content. Look at all the people (including some here) that aren’t into comedy but know/like Dane Cook. This is because Dane appears in mainstream venues unrelated to stand up and promotes himself via Myspace, Jimmy Kimmel, his wonderfully designed website, etc. There’s no doubt hes a funny human (probably a kick at parties after several drinks), but he’s no where near the top tier of comedians. Great businessman, good performer, average comedian. And I think everyone knows this, but he steals his act.

    Before I go, I want to say to McBastard, open your eyes. Accept that you’re wrong, stop hiding behind those sophomoric, ten cent words and accept that other people are right.

  164. iwanttofitin said,

    I just wanted to say I don’t find him funny. He’s more of a loud storyteller than an actual joke teller. His stories aren’t funny.

  165. SourMilk69 said,

    okay all you little sad ass live in your parents basements cunt fucks on this gay message board you all have no fucking life okay and Dane Cook is the man you just need to take fucking and get the jokes his has alot of good jokes but you just dont get them b/c your a stupid fuck so shut the fuck up and watch it again fucking faggots

  166. nottings said,

    The fact that Dane Cook can fill Dodger Stadium is living proof that Green Day had it right — “only stupid people are breeding…they’re all cloning and feeding”

    Stop feeding the monkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. thesushifiles said,

    Dane Cook is an acquired taste…. let’s put it that way. I personally find most of his stuff funny… but he does have a habit of poopin’ out some silly garbage from time to time… love him or hate him, he ain’t no Richard Prior, that’s for sure.

  168. JimJamtheBatrhoomMan said,

    Dane Cook is a talented performer, but that’s as far as it goes. Who really cares though? I have to give him credit for living a life that most people dream of. To be honest, I think his act is atrocious and painful to watch, but I can’t blame him for doing what he is doing. In my opinion, the reason he is so big is because the American public as a whole doesn’t want to think to have to laugh. When brilliant shows like “Arrested Development” are canceled, and horrbile shows like “Two and a Half Men” thrive…nothing shocks me anymore.

  169. markrmorris2 said,

    Who care what else he is guilty of? The man is CRIMINALLY UNFUNNY!!! And frankly I am ashamed of myself for joining in any conversation that puts any more attention on him as he is completely undeserving….so nice weather we’re having here in Okc.

  170. johnny bell said,

    have you noticed how people just cheer for no reason?

  171. Me said,

    Uh who cares. If you don’t like him, don’t listen to him. It’s as simple as that.

  172. Erik said,

    I always try to NOT LAUGH watching comedians- it makes it that much funnier to me- Like trying Not to laugh in school! (then you’re sure to laugh). Watching this. Can’t crack a smile. It is all way way too obvious. “Dude let me give you the Fxcking directions to my house.” “That’s Fxxcking maroon idiot”. No jokes, just OVERSELLING observations with bad language to college kids who already have too much bad beer in them and small brains. I can’t respect / watch / give money to / support someone that steals from other comedians (obviously) anyway.
    Markrmorris2 (#169 here) I feel the same way! 🙂

  173. jeff said,

    ur dumber then a retard eating cheetos. u have no sence of humor thats why. but u can have ur own opinion but i am telling everyone that reads this not to listen to it.

  174. troutslayermt said,

    Are you Kidding me? Dane Cook Not Funny!!!
    Joe Rogan! Funnier than shit. have you listened to his cd?
    I suggest you do it. There are so many good comedians out there and I’m still amazed that Dane Cook is still doing big shows. I know at least 5 or more guys that I went to college with, that acted like idiots in front of crowds, and were much funnier than Cook.
    But what the F do I know? I’m just one person who decided to add my 2 cents.
    Ya know what? Dane Cook is making a lot more money than me, so maybe I’m doing something wrong. But I’m not sealing material to do my work.

  175. Candace said,

    This post would be a lot more convincing if it offered specific sources, incidents and proof. This post has no substance!

  176. zkennedy23 said,

    Justification? None.

    Dane Cook is just like any other comedian, except his routines contain material that MOST people can relate to..

    Examples: Car crashes, “that” friend that everyone hates, and ect.

    Just because he’s really popular doesn’t give you the right to “knock” on him.

  177. Brent said,

    Just because he’s really popular doesn’t give you the right to “knock” on him.

    I like Dane Cook, but anyone has the right to say anything about anyone dude. It’s called freedom of speech.

  178. alan said,

    “that” friend everyone hates is straight from seinfeld.

    and i’m sick of the argument “if he makes people laugh, he’s a good comedian”
    clowns make people laugh. clowns are not comedians.
    dane cook is a clown.

  179. Alfred said,

    I have read many comments and I watched several of his performances, I agree Dane Cook is funny but not funny like Richard Pryor or Steve Martin. I don’t believe he will be rememebered in 10 years, some have posted about his selling out venues but so did Brittney Spears but will we remember her as a classic singer- I doubt it. Cook has some redeeming qualites to his stand up but you must give him the most credit for his marketing prowess because if it were not for marketing we would not be having this blog.

  180. homeskoolyD said,

    Peace for spreadin the word, Dane Cook about as funny as a tumor, but not as funny as one of those 300 pound tumors. Them shits is funny!

  181. zak said,

    the embeded video was total rubbish and totally unfunny and totattaly boring so i agree that that performance on that night was unfunny. but harmful if swallowed was funny and the cd was funny so i think its just more a case of he was not funny on that night… on the stealing thing.. it doesnt really matter if you steal becos mostly its ‘the way you tell em’

  182. Samantha said,

    I think Dane is hilarious!!!…and who freakin cares about “stealing” bits…..i guess almost anyone who’s told a knock knock joke or pretty much any other joke is a thief….lets see any of you get out there and do better…let me know when you do

  183. tech n9ne said,

    dude u rock i saw vicous circle i laghufed a hour after until a hour after the movie dude u rock

  184. nick said,

    very funny lol

  185. jeeny ashton said,

    just because you guys suck at telling the good comedians from the bad you call him bad who are you to say that?like are you his manager? uhhmm noo your not so stop saying crap about a guy who means shit to you you guys dont even know him

  186. Billy said,

    Let’s just see where he is in 10 some-odd years.

    Just remember what happened to Andrew Dice Clay…

  187. AaroN said,

    Allow me to analyze this kid’s argument: “Dane Cook is easily one of the biggest comedians of our current time.” (great concession). In his newest stand up, Vicious Circle, it’s not hard to tell how large of a fan-base he has with a crowd practically the size of the Dodger’s Stadium (this statement does what for your argument?). Yet watching him run around on stage, (a) “flailing his arms in the air to get his joke across to the 36,000 fans who saw him perform that night” (

  188. cbo said,

    dane cook steals material from other comics…
    doesn’t matter if he is funny or not that is all subjective.
    he is a stupid douche for doing that and no one should even pay attention to him out of principal. i am not a purist or anything i don’t care if someone writes a song and someone else sings it. but you just don’t take from other people.

  189. Morgan said,

    hey Dane don’t listen to any of the morons that say ur not funny cuz I was your videos and i cry from laughing so dang hard and ur my idol cuz ur so hott and so effing funny so dont let those people bring you down lol they don’t kno what they are talkin about and they were prob pmsing lol or just pised off so like yea ttyl

  190. Mitch Hedberg Owns said,

    Any true fan of comedy knows Dane Cook is a hack. I’m sure EVERY semi-big comedian is in agony when watching Dane’s horrible act.

    Write down any Dane Cook joke…. is it still funny? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

    Holy shit, just the sounds playing from the video make me want to shoot him in the face.

    All these 13 year old kids need to stop watching stand-up because Dane’s album sales are fucking misleading to people who understand comedy…

  191. Coveredinbees said,

    I had never heard of Dane Cook til last night when i stumbled across “Vicious Circle” on google. So i watched it for about 20 minutes. He is everything that i hate about America and Americans. The whole “atheist vs catholic” routine just made me want to punch him and im not a violent man by any means. After watchin Cook i felt so miserable i had to watch an old Bill Hicks show just to feel good again. There is no justice…..

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