Pablo Francisco, a bag of impersonations and sound effects.

February 14, 2007 at 5:56 am (Comedy Central Presents)

My last post about Dane Cook may have been a little too over the top for a few of the more serious readers out there and I apologize for not giving that post more thought than a Dane Cook bash-fest; however, that doesn’t mean I will be withdrawing any of my previous statements made towards him. Now, on with my next review (which will hopefully be more thoughtful than my last).

Pablo Francisco! Now this is someone who truly is a synthesizer walking among men. He has mastered every sound effect through his large vocal spectrum; although, some could say that he takes advantage of this skill too much. His technique of making his audience laugh is a little overdone because it’s all I’ve ever heard him do. I don’t want to make more blind accusations since this is the only stand-up I’ve seen of him, but Francisco seems to be quite the one-trick pony. His latina, surfer, and celebrity voices and sound effects are the essence of his entire act and I’m not entirely sure how much he could accomplish without this talent, but then again it’s his claim to fame and whatever he’s doing works and it works great.

Comedy Central Presents Brian Regan hosted by Dailymotion.



  1. Rudolf said,

    He re-uses his material sometimes, but he can weave those voices well into a new story I think. You should check out his latest (I think?) show, Ouch!

    Might be a one-trick pony, but still funnier than Dane Cook 😛

  2. australian said,

    crap… boring, childish, american narrow minded crap…

  3. Shortie said,

    ehh, he has some funny key points here and there but im still watching him and am not that impresed. and i agree he does re-uses hhis material alot. but i tottaly disagree, he is not even remotly close to being as funny as Dane Cook. i dont know what kind of humor you have, but its just sinking the world to your unfunny humor.

  4. zak said,

    pablo is a funny comedian

  5. james said,

    ok..pablo francisco is amazing, ok, if you think he isnt funny, and you think dane cook is… have problems, cuz dane cook is annoying and his stuff is all the same, and Pablo is totally original with it. Carlos mencia, is all about races and hes just not funny, and joe rogan, i dont know who he thinks he is, but he needs to stop goin after comedians and work on his own shit, cuz i saw his stand up and hes not funny, all he does is hate on other people cuz he isnt big like them, and thats annoying.

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