Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia, a REAL American hero.

February 15, 2007 at 7:15 am (Misc)

Carlos Mencia is one contradicting sonuvagun. Pardon my French. I used to think that Dane Cook was the worst entertainer of the decade but after watching this, I’m starting to have second thoughts. Mencia was always second worst in my book and after seeing this video it’s merely adding fuel to the fire.

Normally, when I create a blog post I’ll submit a video of the performer’s 20+ minute stand-up performance, but this particular post is about an on-stage feud between Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan. What’s most surprising to me is how the crowd seems to side with Rogan even though they’re at a Carlos Mencia performance. The video provides numerous examples of jokes that Mencia has stolen from other comics throughout his comedic career (and I use that term loosely), that his real name is possibly Ned, that he may not even be Mexican, and several other comedians’ personal opinions on Mencia.

Another interesting point I found is that Mencia had the YouTube video of this removed from the website (here) for copyright infringement. So, instead you can watch the video on here. It’s kind of hard to understand what Joe Rogan is saying since he doesn’t have a microphone in the beginning but eventually he gets a really low-volume one.

You can also read more from Joe Rogan’s website and how he is now banned from the comedy club.


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