Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade.

February 13, 2007 at 8:23 am (Stand-up Specials)

Dane Cook is easily one of the biggest comedians of our current time. In his newest stand up, Vicious Circle, it’s not hard to tell how large of a fan-base he has with a crowd practically the size of the Dodger’s Stadium. Yet watching him run around on stage, flailing his arms in the air to get his joke across to the 36,000 fans who saw him perform that night, is nothing short than a dull, humorless bore.

But just because he has such a great amount of enthusiasts doesn’t necessarily mean he’s actually funny. It also doesn’t mean he’s popular amongst the comedian’s own “inner-circle.” He has been accused of stealing material on more than one occasion and is looked at by other comics as a pompous thief who lacks any actual material.

Dane Cook is nothing but eye candy. He pulls in his crowds with vivid actions, loud and obnoxious slapstick behavior, smooth talking, and good looks. I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of his fans were unsavvy females. He is prone to consistently repeating himself and etching out into different directions with his erratic sense of comedy. Cook is nothing more than overrated and in his case he can walk the walk but he just simply can’t talk the talk.

Dane Cook doesn’t sell his jokes. Hell, he doesn’t even have jokes. He’s simply selling his edgy boy band-esque image.

Dane Cook’s Vicious Circle hosted by Dailymotion.


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Jim Gaffigan, a giant recessive gene.

February 12, 2007 at 11:24 am (Stand-up Specials)

Inarguably one of the most popular, or maybe just commercialized, comedians of the decade. The comedian and actor is currently touring around the U.S. for his most recent stand-up special, Beyond the Pale. His unique inner-voice keeps him a stride forward of most other common somewhat-observational comics. You can often hear this middle-aged sounding woman from the audience through the mouth of Gaffigan. This inner-voice is actually the possible reaction that a hypothetical, conservative audience member may be experiencing from viewing Gaffigan’s performance.

In Beyond the Pale, his frequent topic of discussion is common vices of everyday people, such as unhealthy overeating and alcohol. He’s renowned for his hit topic on Hot Pockets but he tries to refrain from it ever turning him into a single-slogan comedian like Larry the Cable Guy.

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Demetri Martin, a last minute Mitch Hedberg replacement.

February 10, 2007 at 11:45 pm (Stand-up Specials)

Demetri Martin has a creatively dry as well as somewhat childish and linear comedic style and personality. He runs an extended amount of jokes and brings them out one after another. He’s personally one of my favorite comedians which is why I’m going to be running the first blog post about him. Martin’s new and only comedy special is split up into 3 different styles: a routine of classic stand-up, a series of doodle pictures, and a mixture of the two with the accompaniment of his own musical talents. During his special he has a few short bits of cartoons and an interpretive play about where his jokes go.

Martin’s method of unleashing massive amounts of short, offbeat jokes that consistently jump from one to another lacks flow and continuity, but he manages to balance it out by remaining unconventional and unexpected. Overall, his imaginative wit is what keeps his audience in tune.

Demetri Martin. Person hosted by Dailymotion.

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